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I have been working in a beauty salon for 18 years. For that time, I experienced days when my working schedule was not fully booked or sometimes not even single appointment. As a result, at the end of the month my income was not as I expected, and these were my worst days. TimeApp would significantly help to overcome bad working days. I can't wait to accept my first сustomer from the app.
Lauren Kane
Hair stylist in San Francisco
As an owner of an auto repair shop it is in my interest to increase the revenue. Unfortunately, we do have situations when we lose our potential clients. Usually, it happens when clients come unexpected and we simply cannot provide a service to them, since we are occupied by work that was planned. However, we do have free time during the day when we are free and ready to provide services to our potential clients. We truly believe TimeApp will make it easy for customers and us to match the time.
John Pavlovich
Mechanic in Reno


Of course, some of our service providers are only active a few hours during a day and make solid part-time income.

Customers pay you in cash or credit card after the visit.

Our city teams suggest you a budget Android smartphone that you can buy or finance.

Submitting your information takes just 5 minutes. After that you will get a 30 minute online training. 


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